Prologue (v14)

Translation of Sword Art Online’s volume 14, prologue.

Latest update: 13th April
Guess it’s time to start things off with a recap.
The next update will definitely be longer, but I’ll be taking a break to study for my examinations after that one.
If you’re posting any spoilers (untranslated on this site), surround them with spoiler tags ([spoiler]put-the-spoiler-here[/spoiler]).

Shameless advertising: The official translation’s out next week. Check Amazon (v2 in August) and other retailers if you haven’t yet. I heard it actually shipped out for some people already.


Sword Art Online – Girls Ops c5

"Sword Art Online - Girls Ops"Mediafire
This should have been out ages ago, but due to circumstances and laziness and stuff, it was delayed until now.
Now I wonder if I can get that done by the end of the next week.

Sen to Man c8

"Sen to Man"Mediafire
“Sen to Man c8″.
FoolSlide reader fixed… somehow?
No idea if it’ll break again, but anyway, yay.

Sen to Man c7

"Sen to Man"Mediafire
“Sen to Man c7″.
Oh right, the FoolSlide reader’s new chapter function is broken at the moment and it’s probably something to do with my web host, but I can’t be bothered right now, so it’ll just be these two links for now.

Extra Edition / Season 2 Interview

Translation of an interview with Kawahara Reki and Ito Tomohiko from Dengeki Bunko Magazine and Dengeki G’s Magazine, on the subject of Sword Art Online’s Extra Edition and season two.

Update: Added another interview from Dengeki G’s Magazine since it’s short.

Update 2: Oh yeah, totally forgot about this, but is anyone interested in typesetting the Phantom Bullet manga when it’s out? I might be a little hard to work with, so someone with experience and patience (and a decent internet connection), please.


Sen to Man c6

"Sen to Man"Mediafire
“Sen to Man c6″.
Yeah, the SAO thing fell through.
Oh well, I’ll get it done sooner. Or later.

Sen to Man c5

"Sen to Man"Mediafire
“Sen to Man c5″.
Sorta late.
Been pretty lazy recently, but I’ll probably have something SAO-related at the end of this week for anyone interested.
Not going to be a full-blown translation, though.

Sen to Man c4

"Sen to Man"Mediafire
“Sen to Man c4″.
Another day, another chapter.
Not that I’ll be done with anything any time soon, mind you.

Sword Art Online – Girls Ops c4

"Sword Art Online - Girls Ops"Mediafire
Off-topic: By the time you see this, this site has probably got past 1 million views (or gotten close to doing that).

Accel World / Dural – Magisa Garden v1c6 + Author Interview

"Accel World / Dural"Mediafire
With Neg/a/ Nebulas Project.
(more…) for the interview’s translation.
“Absolutely Removed from the Freaking Game Forever”.
I really hope this won’t end up as a 3-4 months delay again, but it’ll depend on the scanner’s desire and schedule.
Well, I’m hoping for the best.


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