Sen to Man c18

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Batoto (Reader)
“Sen to Man c18”.
Time for a break from school.
And to plunge back in.

Status, etc

Seems useful, so I’ll keep this status update somewhat updated with the updated updates.
The updated date of this update post will be the latest date this was updated.


Master of Modern Communications-Electronics Interactive Sport Club

Translation of Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja nai to Omotta?’s volume 1, chapter 2.
Translation and localization notes are available at the bottom, but try to finish the chapter before that.


War of the Underworld

Translation of Sword Art Online’s volume 16, chapter 18.

Latest update: 12th December [continue from last update]
And that’s the end for this stream of updates.
It’ll likely take a while before I release anything for the next chapter.

Yen Press appears to have screwed up colour illustrations on SAO v6. See here. They appear to be offering returns.
Shameless advertising: Yen Press’s SAO Volume 8 and 9 are available for pre-order. Go get them.
Amazon referrals: v7, P.v3 (Pre-order: v8, v9, P.v4 | Out: v1, v2, v3, v4, v5, v6, P.v1, P.v2)
Available at other retailers too if you haven’t gotten them yet.


Kawahara Reki’s Live Commentary

Just a small ad.
Some already know, but I’m translating the live commentary tweets Kawahara does for each SAO II episode over here.
There will usually be a delay, but feel free to read it if you’re interested.

Phantom Bullet: 01020304050607080910111314

Calibur: 151617

(there is no commentary for 12)

Sen to Man c17

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Batoto (Reader)
“Sen to Man c17”.
Relaxing is relaxing. And not very productive.

Sen to Man c16

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Batoto (Reader)
“Sen to Man c16”.
Now officially a joint with TSP.
Mention any comments / complains either here or there!

Sen to Man c15

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Batoto (Reader)
“Sen to Man c15”.
Well, that was certainly done quicker than expected.

Sen to Man c14

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Batoto (Reader)
“Sen to Man c14”.

Iro Hasu Hasu

"Iro Hasu Hasu"Download
Batoto (Reader)
“I Lo Has-Has”.
I finished nearly everything and then sat on it for a week or two.
Mainly because of the translation for two bubbles that I’m honestly still not satisfied with right now.


Translation of the (really, really, really) short story with the theme of “swimsuit” written by Kawahara Reki, of Sword Art Online, printed behind the stickers given with certain purchases during Dengeki Bunko’s fair for breaking through 3000 titles.


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